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MagChel – chelates (bisglycinates)

Key benefits of bisglycinates:

• Are highly soluble and compatible with virtually all nutritional products
commonly used in formulations.
• Are the ultimate choice for mineral fortification in juice, sports drink, cereal,
beverage, and many other food applications. It helps achieve higher
percentages of Daily Value.
• Remain soluble in the small intestine and will assure subsequent absorption
into the body, due to the precise, strong bonds of ligands to the mineral.

We offer the following chelates:

  • Magnesium biglycinate, appr. 12 % Mg
  • Calcium bisglycinate, appr. 19 % Ca
  • Iron bisglycinate, appr. 14 % Fe
  • Zinc bisglycinate, appr. 30 % Zn
  • Magnesium glycinate, appr. 20 % Mg